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How to Write a Thank You Note

Only three or four sentences long, a thank you note is a golden opportunity to make the sort of personal connection that builds stronger professional relationships.

Hand write a note whenever possible. It says you took the time to think about what you were writing. The person receiving your note will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will not be grading your penmanship.

A simple fold-over note card, a black or blue pen, a stamp and little effort are all you need. A good thank you note that gets mailed is better than the perfect one that never gets written.

The six elements of a basic thank you note:

1. Salutation

A surprising number of writers forget this, but people like to see their own names.

If you are on a first-name basis, use it, otherwise use the more formal Mr. or Ms. greeting.

Dear Jay,

2. Express your appreciation

Thank you is more formal; thanks is more casual.

Thanks so much for the the  tickets to Noises Off.

3. Describe the gift or experience

Mention how an object looks or how you will use it. Mention your enjoyment of an event. People want to know they made you happy.

Even if there was a problem with the gift, keep negatives to yourself. If the gift or event wasn’t to your taste, focus on the giver and the thought. Everyone wants to be appreciated. The time and energy are more important than the gift.

Al and I have always loved going to the theater, especially when it's a comedy. The performances were great, and we laughed until our sides ached. It was wonderful of you to think of us.

4. Mention a connection

Discuss the past, allude to the future or mention something you have in common with the giver. If you can’t think of anything else express your desire to see or talk to the person soon.

We hope to see you when you are in town again.

5. Thanks again for

It’s not overkill to say it again

Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

6. Close

Any of the following are suitable for business:

·         Sincerely

·         Sincerely yours

·         Cordially

·         Best

·         Regards

·         Warm Regards



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